October 30, 2018

This evening, units from Swatara Township Fire-Rescue participated in a full size drill at the Greenfield's Senior Living facility located in the 44-2 Box area. The residents of the area where the "fire" was taking place were advised along with the building manager. No staff were aware of the drill and were to treat it as an actual emergency. A fire was simulated on the 3rd floor of the facility and units were dispatched. Units arrived following the SOGs and began operations for a Commercial Structure Fire. Once the drill was complete, crews gathered to discuss problems and preplans. We would like to thank the staff and residents of the facility for their cooperation and good work.

Command- Duty Officer (Reinhart)
Operations - Captain 45 (Lloyd)
Manpower - Lt 45-1 (Shutts)
Engines- 915, 912, 91, 913
Trucks - 913, 91
Rescue- 915
Air - 912

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