November 28, 2018

Just before Noon, Box 49-2 was dispatched to the 2700 Block of Paxton Street for a Commercial Fire Alarm. Chief 91 and Engine 91 (FF Furlong) arrived and met with the tenants of the dispatched business. Crews were notified of smoke from a different part of the building and the assignment was upgraded to the 1st Alarm. Engine 91 & Truck 91 stretched the long line interior to find a fire contained by the sprinkler system. Units worked to overhaul the area effected due to high storage of product. Crews used the line to knock down any remaining fire and ventilation began.

Command- Chief 91
Operations - LT 91
Manpower - LT 91-1

Engines- 91, 912, 40, 55, 32, 35
Trucks - 91, 913, 32
Rescues - 915, Y69
Air- 35

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