December 11, 2018

The Swatara Township Fire-Rescue Service Board has approved a new incentive program beginning in 2019. The new system will be a point based system, based on Response, Training / Certification & Staffing. The NEW program allows for Firefighters to make up to $1400 annually.

The Swatara Fire-Rescue Service is a 24/7 organization comprised of a diverse team of volunteer emergency responders that continue to dedicate countless hours responding to emergency calls, maintaining equipment, and training for the betterment of the fire service in Swatara Township.
We know that our 100% volunteer system is in jeopardy and requires a twenty-first century approach for sustainability and future growth.

All studies can be seen as a catalyst for debate. However, the rate at which the volunteer fire services are seeing decline is not one. We’ve seen drastic a decline of volunteers over the last decade! We as an organization pride ourselves on being progressive and proactive recognizing the
present and future decline of volunteers nationally, state-wide, and more importantly locally. It’s the leadership’s assessment that there exists a need for a more robust, professional, and systematic approach of incentives to sustain the volunteer fire service in Swatara Township.

It is with considerable thought and discussion with countless professional leaders within the fire service that advocacy for a nominal incentive program for the volunteers of Swatara Township is essential. This program is a tiered system based upon call participation, training, certification, and adequate staffing. It will include wellness physicals, a fitness program, and also cable, telephone, and internet discounts.

You can see the attached PDF from the Office of the Fire Chief as well as coverage by ABC27 News.


Attachment Volunteer Firefighter Incentive Program Final Doc..pdf  (250k)