3 Fires in 12 Hours
April 22, 2019

Beginning early in the morning, Monday proved to be a busy day for the 91 House.

At approximately 0230, the Engine & Truck handled a Commercial AFA in the 45-7 Box. Units went available quickly after arrival.

Just after 0400, Box 49-2 was sent to the 2100 Block of Paxton Street for an Automatic Fire Alarm in a multistory senior living facility, as dispatch was being sent, the Box was upgraded with a fire in the basement. Chief 91-1 (Steele) arrived confirming smoke showing from the Charlie side courtyard. Engine 91 (FF Furlong) arrived as the first due Engine Company and stretched the 300'. Truck 91 (BC Bradnick) arrived as the first due Truck positioning side Charlie. The Engine & Truck crew made access to the basement to find a few carts on linens mostly out and extinguished remaining fire. The box was held to STFR units and remaining companies handled extensive ventilation.

E91, E40, E91-2, E55, L91, L1, L913, R59, YR69, S8

At 0755 the Engine handled a Cardiac Arrest

At 1458, Box 49-2 was sent to the 1200 Block of S 28th St for a Fire Alarm in a high-rise. Chief 91-1 (Steele) and Engine 91 (LT Oliver) were advised of now a fire in the kitchen of an apartment on the 4th floor. Units arrived to find smoke on multiple floors and an active water flow. The Engine Company made entry to confirm a fire now contained to the stove & cabinets. Units operating completed overhaul and salvage of the floors below.

E91, E91-2, L913, L32, L91, R91

While operating on the 49-2 Box, Box 456-2 was sent to the 5300 Block of Paxton Street for a Commercial Building Fire. Units freed up from the apartment fire and were advised of a fire on the roof. Chief 91-2 (Huggins) arrived to confirm smoke showing from the roof area. Truck 91 (LT Moyer) arrived as the 2nd due, Engine 91 (LT Oliver) as the 2nd due and Rescue 91 (FF Seiger) arrived as the 3rd due Special Service. The Engine & Truck crew assisted interior while the Rescue operated the roof with Truck 32 (Progress) and Truck 91-3. Crews confirmed a fire in the decking of the roof and extinguished using a hand line off of E91-2. Overhaul was completed and the box was held.

E91-2, E91, E40, E915, E59, L913, L91, L32, L50, L46, R91, YR69, R91-5

*Photos Courtesy of Dustin Weese*