First Due House Fire with Rescue
February 18, 2019

This evening at 1623, Box 49-4 was dispatched to the corner of Highland Street and Boyer Street for a Reported House on Fire. Chief 91-6 was enroute and advised by communications of multiple calls reporting fire showing and now possibly up to 3 trapped and sending the Working Fire Dispatch. Chief 91-6 (Bradnick) arrived confirming the address as the 20 Block of Boyer Street with a 2.5 Story duplex with fire showing. Engine 91 (FF Marzen) arrived at 1625 assuming first due engine company duties. The Engine Company officer and lineman made entry and found a victim on the first floor. Truck 91 (Chief Steele) arrived as the first due Truck Company. The victim was removed at 1627 and transferred to EMS from LifeTeam. Engines 91 and 91-2 continued fire attack on division 1 and 2 and began to open up. Rescue 91 (FF Stoudt) and Truck 32 continued the primary and secondary searches with negative results. Command marked control at the 20 minute mark. Swatara Township Fire-Rescue units operated for several hours with extensive overhaul.

The Swatara Township Police Department & Fire Marshall's Office are investigating.

We would like to thank Lebanon Engine 1-1 (Palmyra) and Lancaster Truck 74 (Elizabethtown) for covering our first due and assisting with clean up.

Photo courtesy of FF Beistline

Command - Chief 91-6 (Bradnick)
Operations - Chief 91-2 (Huggins)
Division 1 - Chief 91-4 (Allen)
Engines - 91, 912, 40, 913, 915, 35, 46, 55, 55-1
Trucks - 91, 32, 50, 913
Rescues - 91, 915, 88, Y69, 59
Air - 91-2
Utility - 91