Szekeres & Hoyer - "Ronald Huggins Length of Service Award"
August 8, 2019

Yesterday evening at the monthly Swatara Township Board Meeting, 6 members from Swatara Fire-Rescue were recognized for their years of service to the township. Chauffeurs Richard Szekeras (53 Years) and Bill Hoyer (39 Years) from Station 1, were both given the “Ronald Huggins Length of Service Award”. Both “Zack” and Bill have held the position of Chief or Assistant Chief at either Enhaut Fire Company, Oberlin Fire Company & Swatara Fire Company. Between the two, 90+ years of service, dedication and knowledge has been past to the members, citizens and township.

We would also like to Congratulate Mary Klaus (Station 3), Chief Joe Canulli (Station 5), Bob Zalek (Station 2) and Mark Plesic (Station 2) on their reception of the award as well.