Congratulations Chief Ibberson
March 3, 2020

Swatara Fire-Rescue Services would like to recognized the Chief of the Department Michael Ibberson for his most recent accomplishment of Chief Fire Officer (CFO) designation.

In 2019 the Swatara Fire-Rescue Services Board and Officers instituted a six year training plan that its members and officers must meet minimum training standards to remain active within the department. The Chief of the Department had to meet the standard of Fire Officer IV. Chief Ibberson has shown his support by completing not only his Fire Officer series in 2019, but obtaining his CFO designation.

This is your true example of the highest ranking officer of our department leading by example to push the agenda of the department forward.

We'd also like to thank his family because they sacrifice their time with him to make his accomplishments possible.
We salute you Chief Ibberson!